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About Willamina Sunshine


Willamina Sunshine is a small batch bath and body product maker. All products are made with love in small batches with attention to every detail. I hand craft products in small numbers so that I can be assured that the ingredients are fresh and that the quality of my products meet my high standards. Willamina Sunshine products are made with natural, uncomplicated, and often preservative-free ingredients. We take pride in caring for your skin using simple, gentle and nourishing ingredients. Our products are unique, limited, and made by hand.


What's in a name?

"Willamina Sunshine" comes from a combination of an inside joke my adoring (then) boyfriend started when we were dating and my inner hippie desires. Willamina was one of 30+ names my (now) husband rattled off about what all we would name our future children. They were all derivatives of his name. Over the years, he would randomly pull the punchline, "Now what would Willamina think?" out of his back pocket to make me laugh. Sunshine comes from the many earthly (hippie) names I would have chosen to name our would-be children if my husband hadn't have protested. The word sunshine evokes such positive feelings of growth, warmth and possibilities. It's the baby name I never got to name a real child. So, when I started being serious about this soaping venture I wanted to give this new "baby" business a name that I would love to nurture for as long as it's mine.