K.I.S.S. Bath Bomb

K.I.S.S. Bath Bomb

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Let's Keep It Simple Sweetheart! This simple, white bath bomb is decorated with a festive blend of Valentine's Day sprinkles - simple and sweet!

This limited edition bath bomb is a perfect unisex spa scent and has notes of fresh air, crisp water, delicate florals and hint of fruit. 

To Use: Place the unwrapped bomb in a hot or warm bath and let dissolve. It will color the water light pink but will not stain. Some colorant may stick to dirt/oil collected on tub walls but easily wipes clean. Exercise caution as the tube may be slippery.

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Avocado Oil, Polysorbate 80 (Emulsifier), Goat Milk Powder, Phalate-Free Fragance Oil, Cream of Tartar, Kaolin Clay, Candy Sprinkles